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Bloom Magic

Logo design, branding, marketing

The brief. Bloom Magic is an online florist boutique. Working with story based marketing agency, Epik, we were asked to create a new brand position and identity.

The solution. In order to discover a new angle to market an online florist in a very saturated market, we had to dig into the emotions and reasons for why people buy flowers, and to look at it from the perspective of the person who receives the flowers. It's a surprising and magical moment when you get sent flowers, and we want to represent this through the design of the magic rabbit. The colour palette of gold and purple were used to represent traditional colours of magic.

Bloom Magic
Bloom Magic
Bloom Magic

Advertising campaign. The campaign 'Not just for the big occasions' promotes the concept of flowers being received for all moments and milestones in life that should be celebrated, not just the big ones. 

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